I’ve written for a number of clients, creating everything from newspaper features to travel blogs, always modifying my writing “voice” to suit the needs of my customer. Here’s a list of clients I’ve worked with; you can also check out my portfolio to read samples of my writing.

  • FETCH The Paper, 2007-2009: a monthly newspaper. As the San Francisco correspondent, I wrote several feature articles and shorter articles each month. As the Managing Editor, I assigned articles to other reporters, followed up on deadlines and edited the finished products.
  • The Datevine, 2006-2008: an online compilation of Bay Area travel tips. I created the initial database of 300 tips, then created dozens of tips each month, as well as moderating the comment forums, advertising the site and creating fresh editorial content for the main page each week.
  • San Francisco Is My Home, 2007-2008: a blog about San Francisco. I was the Managing Editor and main contributor on this site, posting 25 articles per month.
  • The Bay Area Reporter, 2007-2008: a weekly print newspaper. I contributed one article each week.
  • Online Rock, 2006-2008: a music review website. I contributed three or four reviews a month.
  • Blogging Tips, 2007-2008: a popular blogging advice site. I contributed one post a week.
  • Bleech Magazine, 2007-2008: a quarterly teen magazine. I contributed one article to each issue.
  • Fun Dog Fashion, 2008: a website reviewing canine couture. I contributed several articles to this site.
  • dvisible Magazine, 2007: an online design magazine. I contributed three feature articles.
  • The Savvy Gal: an advice site for women . I contributed one article.